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Arabic translation is one of the greatest strengths of Harcz & Partner Ltd. Since we were founded in 1997, our native and professional Arabic translators rendered hundreds of documents from English, French and German into Arabic to the utmost satisfaction of our international clients. It is natural that we respect deadlines to the maximum extent, and will always use the translator on your project whose qualifications, expertise and work experience match the characteristics and purpose of your project most. Since there are dozens of highly capable and university-educated native Arabic linguists in our database, we can tackle translation projects in virtually all subject matters and fields.

Most of our Arabic translators use translation memory software like MemoQ, Wordfast Pro, Trados, SDLX and Transit, which allow us to charge our clients considerably less for repetitions and partial (fuzzy) matches, which quality is higher thanks to terminological consistency being ensured even across successive projects from the same client. This is called computer-aided translation, and should not be confused with machine translation. The former is performed entirely by humans who are merely aided by the memories of such software, while the latter (machine translation) is quick, unidiomatic and low-quality translation performed by machines free of charge. In our opinion, machine translation will never completely replace the human input as creativity, cultural knowledge and the human soul will not lend themselves to computerization.

We also offer high-quality English into Arabic and Arabic into English website translation (localization). Our website localizers will not only translate your website content into their native language but will make sure to take into account the relevant aspects of their country’s culture, this adapting your texts completely to the local market, and producing an output that will be easy to read for native Arabic speakers that do not speak English at all.

In addition to Arabic, Harcz & Partner Ltd. offers a host of other European, Asian, native American and African languages as well. Some of our specialties are Icelandic, Tagalog, Burmese, Ilocano, Hungarian, Polish, Russian and Spanish but we have native freelance translators and editors in over 250 languages of the world. Thanks to our direct contact with them (instead of working through vendors), our rates are significantly more favorable than those charged by most mainstream USA, Canadian and British translation agencies, while the quality we produce is at least as high, due to our close co-operation with our native linguists and our internal quality management system.

Harcz & Partner Ltd. is looking forward to receiving its first project inquiry from you and putting its vast knowledgebase to work on your next monolingual or multilingual translation or editing project.

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Fantastic and quick.


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Company News


1st, July, 1997. Harcz & Partner Ltd. Translation Company is established by Danish Balázs Harcz.

10.10.2009. Our new website, Translation Company.org, is online.

13.11.2009. Thanks to a comprehensive revamping of our freelancer database, we can now offer even shorter deadlines in an even more predictable manner.

21.12.2011. Harcz & Partner Ltd. is now set up to receive payments by PayPal as well.

31.12.2012. We wish all our regular and occasional customers, web designers, translators, editors, proofreaders, cultural consultants, brand name checkers and linguistic validators a prosperous, successful and healthy 2013, a year in which our co-operation rises to new heights.

9.02.2013. Thanks to the negotiations concerning Iceland's joining the EU, as well as our 12-year illustrious history in English < > Icelandic translation, Harcz & Partner Ltd. is translating large volumes of EU-related material from English into Icelandic.

22.02.2014. For the first time in its history, the volume of translation work Harcz & Partner Ltd. receives from direct clients through its corporate websites exceeds the volume of the translation assignments it receives from American and Western European translation agencies. Hopefully, this propitious trend will continue.

31.12.2016. Harcz & Partner Ltd. is entering its 20th year in the translation industry. Over the past two decades, we translated millions of pages from English into European, Asian, African and native American languages, and from those into English, to the uniform satisfaction of our internatiuonal clients.

22.02.2017. Harcz & Partner Ltd. has opened a new line of business alongside translation services: fine art photography. The fine art images made by the director of our company, Daniel Balázs Harcz are available for decoration purposes both in print and sent by e-mail in high resolution. His original wildlife and landscape photographs are ideal for the decoration of apartments, offices, studios, restaurants, hotels, beds and breakfasts and other facilities. The price of an electronic image (sent by e-mail) is USD 19. Prints start at USD 69 (the larger the print, the higher the price). Volume discounts apply. A sample folder containing several images for sale can be visited here:

https://www.facebook.com/daniel.b.harcz/media_set?set=a.10207352204141534.1073741846.1178996027&type=3 .

31.12.2020. We wish our foreign and domestic clients, our translators, proofreaders and editors merry Christmas and a very happy, healthy, prosperous and successful 2021: a year in which our co-operation with you will hopefuilly rise to new heights.


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