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Twi is spoken by about half of the population of Ghana, and is also referred to as Akan and Fante. Its three dialects are mutually intelligible, and have distinct orthographies. The language is also spoken by a minority in Ivory Coast along its border with Ghana.

Harcz & Partner Ltd. co-operates closely with several very experienced, professional, native Twi translators, and we have completed dozens of Twi translation projects in the course of our long history.

In addition to Twi, we also offer a wide range of other exotic languages, which range literally from Afrikaans to Zulu. For more information on our linguistic range, please visit our Featured languages.

It will be our pleasure to provide our exotic-language translation services to you and your organization in the hopefully near future.

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Jina (freelance translator)


Dear Daniel, 

How are you? 
I have received 2 copies of "Business Translator". Thank you for them. 
Congratulations on the successful publication of this book. 
I think many businessmen will find this book useful. 

Best regards, 


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1st, July, 1997. Harcz & Partner Ltd. Translation Company is established.

10.10.2009. Our new website, Translation Company.org, is online.

13.11.2009. Thanks to a comprehensive revamping of our freelancer database, we can now offer even shorter deadlines in an even more predictable manner.

21.12.2011. Harcz & Partner Ltd. is now set up to receive payments by PayPal as well.

31.12.2012. We wish all our regular and occasional customers, web designers, translators, editors, proofreaders, cultural consultants, brand name checkers and linguistic validators a prosperous, successful and healthy 2013, a year in which our co-operation rises to new heights.

9.02.2013. Thanks to the negotiations concerning Iceland's joining the EU, as well as our 12-year illustrious history in English < > Icelandic translation, Harcz & Partner Ltd. is translating large volumes of EU-related material from English into Icelandic.

22.02.2014. For the first time in its history, the volume of translation work Harcz & Partner Ltd. receives from direct clients through its corporate websites exceeds the volume of the translation assignments it receives from American and Western European translation agencies. Hopefully, this propitious trend will continue.

31.12.2016. Harcz & Partner Ltd. is entering its 20th year in the translation industry. Over the past two decades, we translated millions of pages from English into European, Asian, African and native American languages, and from those into English, to the uniform satisfaction of our internatiuonal clients.

31.12.2021. We wish our foreign and domestic clients, our translators, proofreaders and editors merry Christmas and a very happy, healthy, prosperous and successful 2022: a year in which our co-operation with you will hopefully rise to new heights.

25.09.2022. One of our specialties is MTPE (machine translation post-editing). We provide this service using experienced native speakers. If you need your machine translation edited by a professional, trust it to us, and we will be pleased to serve you upon short notice.


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