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Harcz & Partner Ltd. offers high-quality, native Indonesian translation through its well-established and carefully selected native Indonesian translators, cultural consultants, editors, proofreaders and brand name checkers. Before being admitted to our database, our translators are subjected to test translation, which is evaluated based on rigorous criteria. Our Indonesian translators are proud to be listed in our prestigious database, and reward this by doing their utmost to cater for the needs of our clients, and provide tailor-made language solutions even by very tight deadlines. Harcz & Partner Ltd. often performs overnight translation projects for its American and Western European clients utilizing the time difference to the best effect.

Our translation company also does website translation both into and from Indonesian. Our native Indonesian website translators not only translate your website content into their native language but localize it in a way that the finished product fits neatly into Indonesian culture, and is optimized for the Indonesian market. During the localization process, our translators take into account all aspects of Indonesian reality, and this enables them to not only translate the meaning of your English website content but produce a target-language text that fulfils the same purpose as the English source-language text, and conveys the same message in an easy-to-read, smooth and idiomatic manner. (Continued below the image.)

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We also provide native Indonesian book translation at special rates. The exact rate depends principally on the volume and the expected turn-around, as well as the topic of your book.

Beside Indonesian translation, Harcz & Partner Ltd. is proud to offer the same level of dedication and expertise in several other Asian languages as well, including but not restricted to Hmong, Khmer (Cambodian), Tajik, Urdu, Kazakh, Tagalog, Ilocano, Chinese, Malayalam, Japanese, Burmese, Lao, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Thai, Lao and Turkmen. Please visit the Rates section of our website to find out more about our competitive rates and the principles determining our pricing.

We look forward to getting a chance to bridge the communication gap between your company and your Indonesian customers or business partners.

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Stan Lichtman, MA, MBA

Director, Head Linguist, FLI

Daniel is a fine translator, a very bright person and runs a very fine company.  I have used his services often over the past seven years.  I recommend him highly.

Stan Lichtman, MA, MBA 
Director, Head Linguist 


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Company News


1st, July, 1997. Harcz & Partner Ltd. Translation Company is established by Danish Balázs Harcz.

10.10.2009. Our new website, Translation Company.org, is online.

13.11.2009. Thanks to a comprehensive revamping of our freelancer database, we can now offer even shorter deadlines in an even more predictable manner.

21.12.2011. Harcz & Partner Ltd. is now set up to receive payments by PayPal as well.

31.12.2012. We wish all our regular and occasional customers, web designers, translators, editors, proofreaders, cultural consultants, brand name checkers and linguistic validators a prosperous, successful and healthy 2013, a year in which our co-operation rises to new heights.

9.02.2013. Thanks to the negotiations concerning Iceland's joining the EU, as well as our 12-year illustrious history in English < > Icelandic translation, Harcz & Partner Ltd. is translating large volumes of EU-related material from English into Icelandic.

22.02.2014. For the first time in its history, the volume of translation work Harcz & Partner Ltd. receives from direct clients through its corporate websites exceeds the volume of the translation assignments it receives from American and Western European translation agencies. Hopefully, this propitious trend will continue.

31.12.2016. Harcz & Partner Ltd. is entering its 20th year in the translation industry. Over the past two decades, we translated millions of pages from English into European, Asian, African and native American languages, and from those into English, to the uniform satisfaction of our internatiuonal clients.

22.02.2017. Harcz & Partner Ltd. has opened a new line of business alongside translation services: fine art photography. The fine art images made by the director of our company, Daniel Balázs Harcz are available for decoration purposes both in print and sent by e-mail in high resolution. His original wildlife and landscape photographs are ideal for the decoration of apartments, offices, studios, restaurants, hotels, beds and breakfasts and other facilities. The price of an electronic image (sent by e-mail) is USD 19. Prints start at USD 69 (the larger the print, the higher the price). Volume discounts apply. A sample folder containing several images for sale can be visited here:

https://www.facebook.com/daniel.b.harcz/media_set?set=a.10207352204141534.1073741846.1178996027&type=3 .

31.12.2020. We wish our foreign and domestic clients, our translators, proofreaders and editors merry Christmas and a very happy, healthy, prosperous and successful 2021: a year in which our co-operation with you will hopefuilly rise to new heights.


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